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£50,000 - £75,000

Awesome-Intelligence, an IT company, provides a medical subscription service to analyze health performance and to provide results on a consolidated record of test results to each patient via the internet that is capable of tracking and comparing improvements in personal health performance.

During these current times, many people are looking to monitor their personal health performance more critically to achieve optimum health outcomes, remotely from their GP and key medical advisers, through the use of medical grade measuring equipment and together with advances in cloud computing to make it practical and deliverable. 

Using up to 50 measures

• Remotely monitor patients' recuperation following treatment
• Configure warning notifications
• Trend efficacy of planned treatment and see clients are actually following their treatment plans
• Plus infinite custom screenings and programmes to support different areas of interest, from professional Rugby and Football clubs to Health Spas 

The business is a wellness monitoring service that can be performed at the practitioner’s place of work or remotely, via an online portal. 

The company provides a means of purchasing the necessary testing equipment through its online shop and to purchase the necessary consumables to perform the tests.  

Patients, or the person being treated will be able to see the results to achieve or maintain optimum wellness levels or identify potential problems.

This flexible system will display the consolidated tests recorded by the patient and the performance change over time by grading results against the optimum levels. This in turn can show the degree of imbalance in the body using the ideas of “connectedness”. These translate perfectly to demonstrate how lifestyle changes can dramatically affect the physical wellbeing and wellness of the patient, by managing their own biology.

The Emerging Markets are:

• Sports Clubs
• Health Spas and Wellness Retreats
• Private Pharmacy and Anti Ageing Clinics
• Personal Trainers
• Nutrition Companies
• Physiotherapy and Chiropractors

Awesome-Intelligence sells individual licenses or Distributorship Licenses plus a monthly membership subscription per patient. The online shop provides medical grade equipment and consumables.

The company is seeking to expand its reach to the subscription model through the membership listings of organizations like life insurance companies, and or physiotherapy and other therapy providers. 

Seeking first round funding of £50-75k and assistance with marketing. 



There are currently around 16.5 million project managers globally. By 2027 there are forecast to be around 87.5 million people working in project management orientated roles. By 2025, the annual spend on capital projects is expected to reach USD 9 Trillion annually. Somewhere in the region of $5B (and rising) is spent on project portfolio management software each year. 
Yet, for every £1B spent on projects in the UK, £114.5 Million is wasted. For IT focussed investments, 1 in 6 projects has a schedule overrun of 70% and a budget overrun of 200%. 
The GANTT chart is an almost universal planning tool used in project management.  
Historically, the GANTT chart was a paper based product which utilised strips of paper which were manually moved and cut to length. The modern day realisation of the GANTT chart in software is really not very different. 
The failings of the GANTT chart are many. Looking at a GANTT chart you are unlikely to know any of the following: 
1. What is the project for? 
2. What are benefits and when will they be realised? 
3. Is the project on time? On budget? 
4. Is this activity part of a larger portfolio of work? What is going on at the same time? 

In 2020, Omnivisto Ltd developed a novel way to visualise project and programs of any size called a Vistogram to replace the use of the GANTT chart.  

Omnivisto needs £110K to get a SaaS product to early adopters . 
This funding will be used for further software development, cloud infrastructure, marketing and a range of activities which together will help Omnivisto commercialize its product and services. 




Fidjit is a digital resource designed for children with special educational needs but suitable for all children. As part of their market research, they approached many schools, parents, SEND professionals and students to see how they could ensure every child has the best chance of success. The response from the survey was outstanding 76% said the product would be very useful and the remaining 24% stated it would be quite useful. Fidjit aspires to dominate the SEND e-learning resource market both nationally and internationally. With 1.3 million students in the UK on the SEND register this is huge market. The Global E-learning industry is forecasted to be £350 bn by 2025. 

Teachers are not going to get a child to learn if they are ungrounded. This is where Fidjit’s  digital resource take the student on a journey. The product uses exercises which will ground the child and prepare them for learning. Following that, they are immersed in a digital game which focuses the child and promotes engagement. This app enhances the childs learning experience, so they are ready to not just learn but succeed. As well as helping the child, it also assists the parents and teachers. One activity is for the child to arrange their morning routine, if the system notices any anomalies/ changes this will then flag up at the end of the daily exercise on the teacher account to warn of ungrounding potential, so the teacher can be aware of any changes of routine. This insight can save a huge amount of time and be a big preventative.  The online teacher/ parent hub can ensure communication is easy and quick making life easier for SEND teachers, parents and of course the students. Fidgit are in the process of creating the prototype for this app and trademarking the brand.

As much as this product is designed for children with SEND, many children now go undiagnosed and a range of parents, some of which have undiagnosed children have expressed interest in the product acknowledging that this will be key for their child’s success. Fidjit really is a product for every child. In addition to the digital resources, Fidgit intend to develop a stress toy which will have a range of features designed to ground students and help them focus when the situation is too stressful and overwhelming. Fidgit plan to adapt many resources for a range of people over time, including resources for workplaces to assist adults with SEND ensuring these talented individuals have access and support in jobs and careers.

Fidgit is looking for £100,000 investment.

This investment will be used to complete the programming of the app, marketing, and legal fees. 



£100,000 is an all things beauty platform where consumers and beauty professionals connect with each other, beauty brands and products. 

They are looking for a £100,000 investment to get the MVP to market. The money will be invested into digital marketing. Influencer" communications - focusing on a small selection of authoritative experts in the industry to recommend the service. And Referral promotions such as £25 vouchers in your beauty bag. They also need to invest in some specialist skills to get us setup to benefit from affiliate marketing revenue streams in the purchase of beauty products. 
There are more than 30,000 freelance beauty professionals in the UK. Many of which do not have a web presence to drive local exposure to new customers, or a business management system to manage bookings and payments online, collect customer reviews and build a customer database that can be regularly marketed to. 
Founded as its own limited company in 2020, has two key aims: 
1. Dedicated to helping freelance beauty specialists advertise their work, increase bookings and gain total control over their business through their smartphones. 
2. To fill a gap that social media has created by delivering a unique community platform where all beauty and makeup lovers can come together to sell and procure services, compare and buy products, read reviews and promote a range of products and brands from both their local and wider marketplaces. 
The product will be ready to launch in March 2021. The target market for consumer and freelancer acquisition is Instagram. Beauty is the 3rd largest category for accounts on instagram and beauty brands on instagram claim the highest number of mentions overall. Beauty was mentioned nearly 5 million times last year. 
Targeting instagram users to date, they have already registered more than 1300 specialist profiles into the platform and also have just over 200 pre-register signups from the website. 
The key features of the platform for beauty professionals include: 
• Online profile with built in SEO based on their profile e.g wedding makeup wetherby 
• Customer Reviews and ratings 
• Online appointment Booking 
o with SMS reminders 
• Online payments 
• Local marketing 
• Automated marketing 
o Email marketing campaign management (with email templates) 
o Scheduled social media posting 
• Beauty Bag where they can list their favourite products – we already have more than 60k products in the system 
• Direct Messaging with the consumer 
• Reporting and analytics 

The key features of the platform for consumers include: 
• Comprehensive Beauty professional search engine, including features to search on location including dedicated city pages, service types, prices, savings/offers 
• Reviews, price and service comparisons 
• Online Booking/Appointment and payments 
• Membership to a beauty Community 
• Beauty bags and kits (beauty social media) 
• Brands and products latest trends and most popular 

Pin My Beauty have an established relationship with a digital growth partner recognised for their work with Brewdog, and TM lewin to name a few. They are digital partners to the London School of Makeup and have setup an introduction to PinMyBeauty. As part of the onboarding campaign, their objective is to market to their database of thousands of students (current and past), using a partner discount to encourage uptake. Other routes to market are through Instagram and incentives to encourage referrals. 

Compettion includes Treatwell, Booksy, Styleseat and Fresha, but these services: 
• do not Focus on freelance beauty professionals, they are more aligned to salons 
• They do not provide details of the exact products that are being used in a treatment. Pin My Beauty will provide direct links to products that individuals can purchase through affiliate relationships. 
• They do not provide the unique beauty bag feature, a Timeline of professional / consumer favourite products: their holy grail products for others to see. 
• And they do not provide focussed, pinpoint searching. The Majority of these services give a vague search e.g. makeup whereas we will provide more tailored searches to a specific makeup type for example wedding, fashion, party etc 

Pin My Beauty are planning to offer two membership plans: 
• Free 
o This will give the professional all the tools they need to manage their business but doesn’t include the marketing tools or SMS reminders. 
o For each booking we will charge an administration fee. 
• Premium 
o This will give the professional all the tools in the free membership plus the marketing and SMS features discussed earlier. 
o Evaluating competitor pricing this subscription is £20 per month 

Based on acquisition data to date, Pin My Beauty believe they can onboard a further 10,000 professionals by the end of September. Based on a third of those upgrading to premium equivalent to revenue of circa £60,000 a month excluding the affiliate relationships and any potential advertising revenue from product providers.



HOOF, which stands for The Home of Online Football.

Are a start-up looking to redefine the online football space, by providing a new and innovative football only social media platform. They are positioning HOOF as the undisputed home of online football.

The current online football space represents a fragmented experience; with the modern fan being driven by an insatiable appetite for football content, they must use several different apps and platforms to satisfy this hunger. HOOF will streamline all activity into one centralised platform, be it discussion, news, fixtures, stats, trivia and more. By embedding football-specific tools into the platform, such as an innovative stat database and line-up software, and by attracting some of the biggest voices in the space, HOOF have currently recruited 110 of the largest football related social media influencers across Facebook, twitter and Instagram who will be using their total reach of nearly 40 million followers to not only promote the platform, but fill it with the engaging content fans love.

HOOF is another example of a sub-topic becoming so large within a general app that it justifies its own platform. This has been seen before when the photo-sharing aspect of Facebook became so big, Instagram was created, and then the video-sharing aspect of Instagram became so big, TikTok was created. These sub-topics require specialist functionality, and therefore move to their own platform. 

Football is described as the global game, with the premier league estimated at having over 1.5 billion fans worldwide, and the world cup final viewing figures reaching over 3 billion, these fans need a social media platform dedicated to the game they love. 

A key element of HOOF is that they will have a zero tolerance policy towards abuse and racism of any kind, and will be employing a number of resources to eradicate it from their platform permanently, by developing unique features to target this issue, including event specific monitoring and flagging certain words before posting on the platform. By partnering with Kick It Out, who are the leading organisation in tackling football abuse and racism, HOOF will be at the forefront of change as they endeavour to redefine the current online footballing space into a safer and more welcoming environment. 

The two key risks associated with social media start upsinvolve the building of the app and gaining the necessary traction to grow the user base. Over the past year Hoofs founders have taken on these risks by self funding the design and development of the app into its final stages, and building a network of powerful football influencers ready to deliver the critical mass of users required. 

Revenues will principally come through selling embedded advertising space available on the platform, and HOOF have had extensive conversations with brands who have already expressed significant interest in advertising post launch. By offering these brands direct access to a cohort of engaged football fans within a social media platform, HOOF provides an innovative opportunity for advertisers in an otherwise crowded space. 

Looking to raise £250k to launch and sustain the business until it becomes cash positive. These funds will be spent principally on an aggressive social media marketing campaign, utilising a unique network of committed accounts and influencers. As well as, tech costs including back end and moderation costs together with 4 new developers to expedite the final stages of development and sustain the app upon its launch.


Webster Technologies Ltd



​​​Webster Technologies Ltd are a Sheffield based family owned Design Engineering and Plant Hire business. They specialise in the proven development and design of bespoke and innovative equipment/attachments utilised in Construction, Infrastructure /Mining /Tunnelling and Trenching projects.

Selected as an Export Champion by the DTI in 2019, their designs are exported globally under licence (manufacture and international sales). This model enables Webster to focus on design, innovation and R&D of new products. 
Significant investment by the Directors and support from winning two Innovate UK & UKTI grant, has resulted in the realisation of an ambitious R&D project, creating a technically superior hydraulic breaker/attachment (The Rockhit).  Offering significant environmental, productivity and design advantages. 

The Opportunity 

•    The Annual Global Market for Hammers is 110,000 at an average cost of £10k per hammer, The potential total annual global revenue is £1.1 billion. 

•    The Annual UK  Market for Hammers is 1 % of Global Market is 1100 hammers at an average cost of 10 k per hammer, the potential  UK annual  revenue is £11,000,000 

The UK Construction industry is initially the primary target market for launch of the new product with a turnover of £370 billion, being one of the largest sectors in the UK economy.
Project Costs   £500.000 

After successful completion of rigorous product testing working with leading Industry experts and Academia .The Rockhit offers significant environmental and productivity advantages. It is described as “disruptive” and a game changing innovation and concept. 

The next stage of the Project is the “soft launch” phase.


1.    Collaborate with supply partners undertaking further reliability measurements and productivity benefits,by (Field Testing)- Deploy model on prestigious job sites with Tier 1 clients. Working collaboratively, specifically targeting areas that will contribute to delivery of the UK industrial strategy and 4 Grand Challenges. (ie Smart Motor Way Projects) and Targets to Reducing carbon footprint & Reducing Noise and vibration. 
2.    Commence build of rental fleet units - building on learning from the first prototype & improvement opportunities.
3.    Complete further “Sizing “designs - 8tonne and 25 tonne model to satisfy market and customer demand.
4.    Build 2 pre-production prototypes (1 x 8tonne & 1 x 25 tonne) for testing 
5.    Product Optimisation – Working collaboratively with Academia/Research Centres to continuously improve the product, exploring use of telematics to increase efficiency and productivity.
6.    Continue to Protect IP (Patent & Trademark) 
7.    Progress commercial negotiations to Full Product Launch. -leveraging their supply chain innovations/ exclusivity agreements/ existing relationships.
8.    Train their existing team in this “new technology” and update marketing tools.
9.    Enhance business system, processes and tools to ensure they continue to operate in a lean and efficient way, including optimising use of the CRM systems supporting effective sales strategy
10.    Create additional roles to support the growth of the business.


Mantra Medical Ltd



Pulse Oximeters (OP) and Blood Pressure Cuffs (BPC) contact almost every hospital patient.

Evidence shows that they are rarely cleaned and are a proven vector of infection spread.

Existing cleaning methods are too slow, cumbersome and labour intensive to be performed between each and every patient.

Inconsistent cleaning means that the vectors remain a cause of infection spread.  A solution is the “Mantra One” and “Mantra Two” devices that will enable consistent bedside cleaning of Pulse Oximeters and Blood Pressure Cuffs covered by European patents numbers 2595561 and 2629805.

These two products have 95% infection prevention. 95% eco friendly. 85% cost effective. 95% workflow  compatible.

There is an estimated 1.4 million PO and BPC units in secondary care in the US and Europe.

Investment to date of £170,000. The next phase requires funding of £150,000 to deliver “ Mantra One” CE classification by July 2020.
5 year projections from 2020- 2024 show an initial loss of £200,000 in 2021 to an £8 million profit in 2024 based on target sales of 3653 “Mantra One’s” and 1715 “Manta Two’s”.

The established management team is now ready to commercialize the opportunity.


Acquisition - Webdesign and Digital Marketing Agency, Leeds


Looking to acquire an agency around the M62 with turnover of circa £750k as a bolt on to existing business. Funds available to move quickly for the right opportunity.



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